Snowstorm Classic #12 - 10K
February 19, 2000

A True Snowstorm Classic

A light dusting of snow greeted the Snowstorm Classic faithful, which topped off last night’s storm and made the course that much more slippery.  Most of the runners were treated to a road slush shower, courtesy of the passing motorists, at some point during the race. As evidenced by the times, it was a true Snowstorm Classic. How Paul Fratini managed to break forty minutes for the 10K course will remain a mystery commensurate with Stonehenge and the latest Elvis sightings, but the speedy 34 year old Harrier skidded to a 39:10 clocking to win his second race of the year.  Steve O’Neil slid into 2nd with a 40:42 while Mike Gauvin took 3rd in 40:45. Among the women, Dawn Roberts won her fourth in a row, and sixth of the millennium, with a 55:23 effort, followed by Harrier teammates Mary Misiaszek (56:05) and Ellen Bellicchi (59:25). Next Saturday the 1999-2000 Snowstorm Classic season concludes with the final race contested on the 5K course.

 1  39:10  Paul Fratini         34M  GSH
 2  40:42  Steve O'Neil         48M  CMS
 3  40:45  Mike Gauvin          25M  GSH
 4  44:47  Rich Clark           46M  SMAC
 5  45:39  Art Roberts          55M  GSH
 6  45:39  John Goda            30M  ---
 7  46:16  Seth Roberts         48M  GSH
 8  47:43  Brian Goddu          50M  GSH
 9  49:00  Jim Sullivan         35M  GSH
10  49:55  Pete Stasz           52M  GSH
11  50:42  Steve Atkinson       16M  ---
12  53:15  Brian Gibbons        30M  GSH
13  55:23  Dawn Roberts         28F  GSH
14  56:05  Mary Misiaszek       34F  GSH
15  56:05  Kevin Young          47M  GSH
16  59:25  Ellen Bellicchi      49F  GSH
17  61:36  Erv Landry           60M  GSH
18  61:55  Hugh Moriarty        58M  GSH
19  88:18  Bruce Kurtz          63M  SMAC