Snowstorm Classic #13 - 5K
February 26, 2000

One For The Ages

             The final Snowstorm Classic of the season proved to be one for the ages, demonstrating one of the unique qualities of our sport. A trio of veterans took center stage with their remarkable running feats.

              We’ll start with the youngest, 63 year old Bruce Kurtz, who completed his third consecutive Snowstorm Classic season without missing a race. The reliable SMACer has now completed forty straight Snowstorm Classics, a record that will not be easily challenged.

              Add a decade more of experience and determination and you’ve got one Douglas Blanchard. The 74 year old Harrier had a total of twenty-one age records at the beginning of the season, including a string of eleven consecutive age records on the 5K course.  Unfortunately the Champ also had a broken foot, and was scheduled to be in a cast for at least three months.  No problem. Although the cast came off only days earlier, Doug cruised over the five thousand meters in 27:50, not his fastest time by any means, but perhaps his most remarkable as he eclipsed the 30:35 standard set by Robert Knowlton in 1993. Make that twelve consecutive age records, and twenty-two total.

               Inspired by that feat of daring do, Mr. Knowlton, who was down from the Berkshire Hills for his annual trek around the Forest Park course, recorded a 31:32, and once again became the oldest person to finish a Snowstorm Classic, this time at age 81.  Bob now has seven consecutive age records himself. 

                  The speedy youngsters of today will have some impressive shoes to fill in another half century or so.  Meanwhile they are indeed speedy. Like Paul Fratini who notched his fourth win this year with a 17:06 clocking, outracing Timothy Sharac (17:08) to the finish line. Matt Brach was third in 18:28.

                  Race director Mary Misiaszek completed another banner series by winning the women’s blue ribbon in 23:59, followed by Krishna Longanecker (24:12) and Ellen Bellicchi (24:20).

 1  17:06  Paul Fratini         34M  GSH
 2  17:08  Timothy Sharac       19M  ---
 3  18:28  Matt Brach           20M  ---
 4  18:43  George Baquis        44M  GSH
 5  18:59  Chris Rowley         15M  ---
 6  19:02  Tom Regnier          39M  GSH
 7  19:31  Seth Roberts         48M  GSH
 8  19:58  Tim Brown            47M  ---
 9  20:02  Steve Atkinson       16M  ---
10  20:17  Jim Snyder           47M  ---
11  20:49  Jesse Regnier        12M  FFTC
12  20:53  John Hunter          48M  GSH
13  20:54  Jim Sullivan         35M  GSH
14  21:00  Mark Lynch           41M  GSH
15  21:28  Peter Stasz          52M  GSH
16  22:29  Dan Delise           38M  ---
17  22:43  Brian Gibbons        30M  GSH
18  23:41  Art Roberts          55M  GSH
19  23:41  Rich Clark           46M  SMAC
20  23:52  Irv Landry           60M  GSH
21  23:56  David Rivera         34M  ---
22  23:59  Mary Misiaszek       34F  GSH
23  23:59  David Livingstone    47M  GSH
24  24:08  Bob Massaro          56M  EORC
25  24:12  Krishna Longanecker  32F  ---
26  24:14  Shawn Contant        11M  ---
27  24:14  Charlie Contant      46M  GSH
28  24:17  Joe Ginsberg         17M  ---
29  24:20  Ellen Bellicchi      49F  GSH
30  25:38  Sam O'Neil           15M  ---
31  25:39  Steve O'Neil         48M  CMS
32  26:45  Peter Vangsness      48M  GSH
33  27:27  Luis Cruz            26M  ---
34  27:50  Doug Blanchard       74M  GSH
35  27:50  Jack Donatini        56M  ---
36  28:27  Pablo Rivera         37M  ---
37  28:30  Mike Passmore        51M  ---
38  31:32  Robert Knowlton      81M  GSH
39  32:00  Bruce Kurtz          63M  SMAC
40  33:06  Jan Komaiszko        44M  GSH