Snowstorm Classic #4 - 10K
December 25, 1999

A Christmas Tie And Other Presents

           Despite frigid temperatures that struggled to get past single digits, nary an Ebenezer Scrooge could be found as both entry into the park and the 10K Snowstorm Classic were free, gifts from the Greater Springfield Harriers, Fast Feet and the Springfield Park Department.

           In the spirit of the season Gary Crowley of the Harriers and Bob Shebest of the Hartford Track Club gave each other a present by crossing the finish line together, and the befuddled finish line judges, unable to decide on a clear winner, declared the race a tie with both runners timed in 38:26. Mike Dobek, who drove two hours from Manchester, New Hampshire, to continue his training for the Las Vegas marathon in February, finished third in 39:30.

           Alison Wade, home for the holidays from her job with the New York Road Runners Club, took women’s honors with a beautifully wrapped 40:26 effort. Mary Ryczek navigated the Forest Park course in 45:09 to edge Dawn Roberts (45:36) for second place and received the gift of a new age record for 53 year old women, surpassing the 46:57 standard set by Marjorie Kos of the Millrose Athletic Association two years ago.

           And last, but far from least, 63 year Bruce Kurtz brought his string of continuous Snowstorm Classics into a third season with a steady 1:11:40 clocking, and in doing so successfully completed his 100th race of the year, a Christmas gift for all runners.

 1  38:26  Gary Crowley         38M  GSH
 2  38:26  Bob Shebest          25M  HTC
 3  39:30  Mike Dobek           21M  ---
 4  40:13  Mike Roberts         25M  GSH
 5  40:26  Alison Wade          24F  ---
 6  40:34  Ed Vanzandt          29M  GSH
 7  40:44  Art Roberts          55M  GSH
 8  41:25  Ed Buckley           41M  EORC
 9  41:58  Seth Roberts         48M  GSH
10  43:03  Bob Mellberg         41M  SS
11  43:22  Charlie Contant      46M  GSH
12  43:55  Mark Dean            47M  SMAC
13  44:59  Euclide Desrochers   38M  GSH
14  45:07  Tom Dwyer            41M  GSH
15  45:09  Mary Ryczek          53F  CMS
16  45:36  Dawn Roberts         27F  GSH
17  47:08  Dan Clark            47M  EORC
18  48:15  Neal Lamberton       51M  GSH
19  50:04  Brian Goddu          50M  GSH
20  51:10  Joe DeJesus          45M  ---
21  54:57  Joe Buckley          47M  ---
22  57:04  Ed Dwyer             33M  GSH
23  57:50  Marty Kan            53M  GSH
24  58:38  Michele Mellberg     40F  ---
25  60:11  Francine Ryan        39F  ---
26  60:12  Hugh Moriarty        58M  GSH
27  60:39  Heather Provoe       24F  ---
28  68:16  Jan Komaiszko        44M  GSH
29  71:40  Bruce Kurtz          63M  SMAC