Snowstorm Classic #12 - 5K
February 22, 2003

          Carlos Rivera and the Weather Go Undefeated

          A speedy field gathered for the Snowstorm Classic finale on the 5K course but rain, icy puddles and slush prevented the hoped for speedy times. Nevertheless, the race was indeed a Snowstorm Classic. Carlos Rivera, undefeated this season with five wins, was joined at the starting line by fellow Harrier and Westfield State trackster Tom Bousquet along with David and Joe Raucci, two quick teenagers from the Troy Trailblazers (New York). 
          All bolted up the hill at the sound of the Sacramento cowbell and the race was on. Age and experience soon took its toll as the two teenagers dropped back. Tom and Carlos continued to force the pace, slipping over the icy spots and sloshing through the water and slush, before Carlos opened a slight lead he refused to relinquish. Making it six for six, Carlos sprinted across the finish line in 17:18 to edge Tom by five seconds. David Raucci (17:45) led brother Joe (19:47) for third. 
          With the six wins this season, Carlos moves into a tie for third on the all time win list, matching the legendary Celio Hernandez with 22 Snowstorm Classic victories.  
          Steve O’Neil (21:41) nipped GSH teammate Seth Roberts (21:44) for the senior title but it was the first woman, Harrier Carolyn Webber, who earned masters honors with a notable 20:54 performance. Ellen Bellicchi was again the first senior for the women in 27:02 while Meghan Lynch took the junior title in 25:55. 
          The 23rd Snowstorm Classic season is now in the Harrier record books, but the wintry weather prevented most runners from adding their names to those books. Only seven age records were set during the season, with one more tied, the lowest age record output since the Snowstorm Classics began in 1980. 
          Harriers Charlie Towse and Doug Blanchard were the only men able to topple age records. Sixty-five year old Charlie knocked off two of Doug’s long standing records with clockings of 21:13 on the 5K course and 44:20 on the 10K course, times made even more impressive by the difficult conditions all year. Meanwhile Doug continues to churn out the records as the 77 year old clocked 27:58 for 5K (tying Robert Knowton’s standard) and 55:00 flat for the 10K. 
          Three women also overcame the weather to post records, led by 24 year old Heather Gardiner. The Central Mass Strider out of Hartford, CT, ran an outstanding 37:36 on the 10K course while winning the February 1st race outright. It’s only the second time a woman has beaten all the men; the first time was last year…when Heather did so on the 5K course. 
          Sixty-four year old Zofia Turosz of the Hartford Track Club returned for another year of record breaking performances, racing over the 5K course in 24:22 and the 10K course in 51:39 to erase two of Connie Bill’s age records.  And eighteen year old Harrier Christina Langevin joined the Snowstorm Classic elite with a classy 43:05 effort on the 10K course, topping Kathy Holt’s record run 15 years ago. 
          Finally, despite some of the worst weather in years, two hardy souls managed to run all twelve races this season, thereby earning the coveted Harrier Iron Foot award (as well as a $25 gift certificate from Fast Feet, Inc.). And both contributed to the series as volunteers! Harrier Brian Goddu…..Congratulations!  And venerable SMACer Bruce  Kurtz........ …..Congratulations, its now 78 consecutive Snowstorm Classics over the past seven years! 

 1  17:18  Carlos   Rivera      28M  GSH
 2  17:23  Tom      Bousquet    21M  GSH
 3  17:45  David    Raucci      16M  TT
 4  19:47  Joe      Raucci      18M  TT
 5  20:54  Carolyn  Webber      42F  GSH
 6  21:41  Steve    O'Neil      51M  GSH
 7  21:44  Seth     Roberts     51M  GSH
 8  22:10  Gary     Crowley     41M  GSH
 9  22:22  Tim      Londo       37M  GSH
10  22:43  Matt     Law         29M  ---
11  23:55  Art      Roberts     58M  GSH
12  23:56  Rich     Clark       49M  SMAC
13  23:58  Bruce    Rockwell    59M  GSH
14  24:22  Dave     Martula     57M  SMAC
15  24:26  Brian    Goddu       53M  GSH
16  24:31  Mike     Butler      30M  ---
17  24:37  Bob      Massaro     59M  EORC
18  24:37  Ed       Dwyer       37M  GSH
19  24:54  Dick     Green       68M  GSH
20  25:34  Kathy    Lynch       40F  GSH
21  25:43  Don      Grindle     47M  GSH
22  25:48  Tom      Zukowski    36M  GSH
23  25:55  Meghan   Lynch       16F  GSH
24  26:03  David    Rivera      37M  ---
25  26:07  Steve    Richardson  42M  ---
26  26:13  Doug     Bielefeld   43M  GSH
27  26:20  Sue      Houle       25F  ---
28  26:23  Amy      Bottke      34F  ---
29  26:33  Pete     Stasz       55M  GSH
30  27:02  Ellen    Bellicchi   52F  GSH
31  27:15  Don      Murphy      58M  SMAC
32  28:23  Mike     Connor      52M  ---
33  28:31  Doug     Blanchard   77M  GSH
34  28:59  Will     Clark       30M  ---
35  29:32  Bill     Milkiewicz  48M  GSH
36  29:45  Dick     Osgood      65M  GSH
37  31:44  Chris    Scott       11M  ---
38  31:48  Rod      Scott       50M  ---
39  34:24  Jan      Komaiszko   47M  GSH
40  36:51  Bruce    Kurtz       66M  SMAC