Snowstorm Classic #13 - 10K
February 26, 2005

        Peter Maksimow and Mary Ferraro Win Finale 

     The 2004-2005 Snowstorm Classic season concluded on the 10K course with a pair of exciting races.   CMSer Peter Maksimow took on a contingent of Springfield Colleges aces in the hopes of remaining undefeated this season while the women’s race featured a return engagement between two of the Harriers’ best, Kelly Heroux and Mary Ferraro.
      The 26 year old Mr. Maksimow only had to outrun the college kids to earn his fifth win of the season but that proved a more difficult task then the race officials were predicting, thanks to Ian Stewart.   The 20 year old undergraduate challenged the older racer every step of the way as the two gapped the rest of the field.  Under sunny skies and seasonal temperatures they raced stride for stride around and through Forest Park.  Finally, with the finish line rapidly approaching, Peter put on his familiar late race surge to claim a 35:19 victory.  Ian sped across the line five seconds later in 35:24 followed soon thereafter by his Springfield College teammates. Scott Barton claimed 3rd in 36:28, Chris Hamel was 4th in 37:32 and Patrick Byrne finished 5th in 37:43 to complete a rare host club shutout of the top five. 
Frank Rucki added both the master and senior crown for CMS with a 41:13 6th place finish while Harrier star Art Roberts concluded a stellar Snowstorm Classic season with another  veteran title in 44:25.
In the women’s  race Kelly Heroux was seeking her seventh consecutive Snowstorm Classic win while Mary Ferraro was looking for her first.  As expected Kelly blitzed the first half of the race with Mary chasing her as the two Harriers distanced themselves from the rest of the field.  But Mary turned the tables on her teammate with a late race surge to claim a 41:43 victory, becoming the 79th woman to join the Hall of Fame.  Kelly held 2nd in 42:37 and thus finished the season in 12th place in the Hall of Fame with a total of ten career victories, eight this season. Kathy Lynch (54:02) won master honors and Ellen Bellicchi (55:36) won senior honors for the host club.
      The venerable SMACer Bruce Kurtz continued his consecutive race streak well beyond the #100 milestone which he reached on January 29th, completing all 13 races this season to bring his total to 104.  It’s the eighth consecutive season Bruce has run all the Snowstorm Classics. He was joined this year by the one and only Tony Lucia, who, although much younger then Bruce, deserves equal credit for braving the early winter morning New England weather every Saturday these past three months.  Both earned the admiration of all, not to mention some Fast Feet bucks.

1	35:19	Peter Maksimow		26M	CMS			
2	35:24	Ian Stewart		20M	---			
3	36:28	Scott Barton		20M	---			
4	37:32	Chris Hamel		21M	---			
5	37:43	Patrick Byrne		20M	---			
6	41:13	Frank Rucki		55M	CMS			
7	41:35	John Bigos		51M	GSH			
8	41:43	Mary Ferraro		28F	GSH			
9	42:02	Bob Landry		36M	---			
10	42:37	Kelly Heroux		37F	GSH			
11	43:06	George Maston		50M	---			
12	44:01	Steve O'Neil		53M	GSH
13	44:25	Art Roberts		60M	GSH
14	44:49	Bill Romito		51M	GSH
15	44:58	Jim Lawless		41M	---
16	45:22	Steve Roulier		41M	GSH
17	45:31	Bruce Leshine		44M	---
18	45:45	Mike Lynch		50M	---
19	47:36	Dan Glick		40M	---
20	48:01	Jonathan Tetherly	60M	GSH
21	50:45	Chris St. George	42M	GSH
22	50:51	Charles Vanasse		44M	---
23	51:25	Jim Liebel		56M	GSH
24	51:30	Mike Murphy		48M	GSH
25	53:03	Steve Sheffield		54M	GSH
26	53:36	Gerry Kane		53M	---
27	53:50	Tim Londo		39M	GSH
28	53:52	Mike Butler		32M	EORC
29	54:02	Kathy Lynch		42F	GSH
30	54:10	Donald Smith		45M	---
31	54:24	Charlie Towse		67M	GSH
32	54:24	Mary Misiaszek		39F	GSH
33	54:25	Mark Devlin		41M	---
34	54:27	Dave Mengel		41M	---
35	54:44	Jeff Burgess		58M	GSH
36	55:36	Ellen Bellicchi		54F	GSH
37	55:49	Dan Boudreau		52M	---
38	56:13	John Johnson		47M	GSH
39	56:13	James Collins		37M	---
40	56:23	Jay Wolohan		30M	---
41	56:30	Ed Carroll		39M	GSH
42	56:35	Amy Veres		28F	GSH
43	59:31	Tony Lucia		67M	EORC
44	59:51	Erv Landry		65M	GSH
45	1:02:04	Kris Kozuch		47F	EORC
46	1:02:33	Kris Valentini		34F	---
47	1:03:14	Elizabeth O'Donoghue	29F	---
48	1:03:23	Mark Corner		29M	---
49	1:04:23	Dan Murphy		51M	---
50	1:17:30	Bruce Kurtz		68M	SMAC