Snowstorm Classic #1 - 10K
December 4, 2004

    Tom Michaud and Mary Gubala Join Hall of Fame to Begin 25th Anniversary Snowstorm Classic Season

While two dozen Harriers were on the west coast (Portland, Oregon) for the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships, the rest of the club began the 25th consecutive season of Snowstorm Classic races.   These popular winter road races alternate between two certified courses, a 5K and a 10K around and through picturesque Forest Park.   Held every Saturday from December through February, the races have never been cancelled despite the sometimes wintry New England weather.

Matching their fellow Harriers in Portland, the Snowstorm Classic crowd ran the 10K course to open the season.  After the snowflakes had settled, Harriers Tom Michaud and Mary Gubala emerged as first time winners thus adding their names to the Snowstorm Classic Hall of Fame which lists all prior winners. 

Tom cruised around the park in 37:59 to eventually outleg teammates Brian Walsh (38:41) and Mike Gauvin (39:08).  Andrew Lutz also cracked the forty minute barrier with a fourth place 39:56.  Central Mass Strider Frank Rucki just missed with a fifth place 40:07 but plenty fast enough to capture both the master (over 40) and senior (over 50) titles.  Tim Dannay was the first junior (under 20) with a solid 41:10 6th place effort while Harrier Jonathan Tetherly was the first veteran (over 60) in 47:11.

            Mary earned her first womenís Snowstorm Classic crown by edging GSH teammate Jennifer Rivers 46:27 to 46:39.  Elaine Skawski placed 3rd in 47:13.  Mary Ryczek duplicated fellow CMSer Frank Ruckiís heroics by winning both the master and senior titles with a 47:39 clocking.  In the process the Longmeadow speedster erased the course record for 58 year old women of 49:49 which had been held by GSHer Doris Aronson since December 1, 1990.

            And picking up where he left off last season, that venerable SMACer Bruce Kurtz crossed the line in 1:22:00, as usual carrying two of the wooden course signs,  for his 92nd consecutive Snowstorm Classic finish.  Thus begins our 25th season!

            Several hours later, around the muddy infield of the Portland Meadows race track, four Harrier teams competed against USATF running clubs from throughout the United States.  Two of our teams medaled.   The veteran men (Art Roberts, Bill Lord and Charlie Towse) finished 2nd and took home silver medals while the senior men (Larry Litscher, Vicente Rojas, Tim Brown, Steve OíNeil, Bill Romito, Kevin Leach, Rich Clark and Ramon Alicea earned bronze medals for 3rd.  Our womenís open team place 21st and our master menís team 18th.  Although we didnít field a complete team, several open men ran wellÖ..complete results are posted at the race web site via   And for those who plan ahead, the 2005 version of the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships will be held in Rochester, New York on Saturday, November 19th.         

 1	37:59	Tom Michaud	  23M	GSH
 2	38:41	Brian Walsh	  29M	GSH
 3	39:08	Mike Gauvin	  29M	GSH
 4	39:56	Andrew Lutz	  28M	---
 5	40:07	Frank Rucki	  55M	CMS
 6	41:10	Tim Dannay	  18M	---
 7	41:24	Joe Fois	  29M	GSH
 8	43:42	Eric Brown	  25M	GSH
 9	44:27	Chris Conz	  28M	---
10	44:41	Corey Mott	  19M	---
11	45:02	Joel Boucher	  50M	EORC
12	45:29	Tom DeLuca	  48M	GSH
13	45:29	Jim Sullivan	  39M	GSH
14	46:00	Matt Dufresne	  38M	GSH
15	46:01	Mike Butler	  32M	---
16	46:10	Dave Martula	  59M	SMAC
17	46:22	Josh Brookman	  21M	---
18	46:26	Jay Kolodzinski	  25M	EORC
19	46:27	Mary Gubala	  38F	GSH
20	46:27	Tim Londo	  39M	GSH
21	46:39	Jennifer Rivers	  35F	GSH
22	46:59	Rich Veres	  32M	GSH
23	47:03	John Vaughan	  17M	---
24	47:08	Mike Gay	  40M	---
25	47:10	Dan Jalbert	  40M	---
26	47:11	Jonathan Tetherly 60M	GSH
27	47:13	Elaine Skawski	  38F	---
28	47:19	Dave Mengel	  41M	---
29	47:39	Mary Ryczek	  58F	CMS
30	47:39	Brian Goddu	  55M	GSH
31	48:00	Colleen Cummings  38F	GSH
32	48:14	Aimee St. Hilaire 33F	GSH
33	48:21	Matt Law	  30M	---
34	49:06	Laura Fontaine	  38F	---
35	50:41	Noiel Fontaine	  40M	---
36	51:07	Jim Liebel	  56M	---
37	52:16	Trish Walker	  19F	---
38	52:23	Terry Gilsinger	  38F	---
39	52:30	Kevin Young	  52M	GSH
40	52:41	Bob Massaro	  61M	EORC
41	53:18	Curt Wohlers	  48M	---
42	53:27	Tony Lucia	  67M	EORC
43	53:32	Steve Richardson  44M	EORC
44	54:10	Erv Landry	  65M	GSH
45	54:26	Bruce Hiorns	  43M	---
46	54:37	Jeff Burgess	  57M	GSH
47	55:14	Don Grant	  62M	SMAC
48	55:18	Kelly Sullivan	  38F	GSH
49	55:19	Ed Carroll	  39M	GSH
50	55:23	Sue Grant	  60F	SMAC
51	55:36	Mark Monganaro	  41M	GSH
52	59:50	Jennifer Stogner  31F	---
53      1:01:57	Janet Romayko	  59F	HTC
54      1:10:12	Mike Passmore	  56M	GSH
55      1:13:27	Bill Milkiewicz	  49M	EORC
56      1:22:00	Bruce Kurtz	  68M	SMAC