Holyoke Marathon Stories - 1967 'The Mount Holyoke Massacre'
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“Torture in the Holyoke Tropics” “The Mount Holyoke Massacre”
Ron Daws (1937 – 1992)
June 11, 1967

This was the 1967 National Marathon championship race with a 1pm start time, 92 degree heat, and humidity in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Only 38 finished under the 4 hour time limit. There were 125 starters. It was a top notched field vying for two Pan American team spots. The race was a reminder of the 1964 Yonkers Marathon under similar conditioning competing for an Olympic team spot.

Some of the top runners that dropped out included; Tom Laris, Lou Castagnola, John J. Kelley, Ralph Bushmann, Mike Kimball, and Amby Burfoot. Ron Daws won by running a smart race passing the half-way mark in 20th place. He stayed away from the early fast pace that included a 25 minute opening downhill 5 miles.

Official Finishers
1.Ron Daws 2:40:07
2.Jim McDonagh 2:43:42
3.Ed Winrow 2:47:40
4.Tom Osler 2:49:40
5.Ray Hall 2:51:30
6.Vince Chiapetta 2:57:06
7.Phil Weiser 2:58:35
8.Bill Harvey 3:00:43
9.Jim Colpitts 3:03:10
10.Larry Berman 3:04:37
11.Dave Linton 3:04:53
12.Bill Gordon 3:07:16
13.Hal Higdon 3:08:38
14.Ted Corbitt 3:08:42
15.Graeme Sutherland 3:08:54
16.Bill Taylor 3:09:44
17.Ralph Grant 3:10:52
18.Norm Higgins 3:11:14
19.Stu Adams 3:13:43
20.Larry Langer 3:17:40
21.Donald Brown 3:19:49
22.John Garlepp 3:20:33
23.Don Fay 3:23:39
24.John A Kelley 3:25:15
25.Russell Holt 3:29:15
26.Bill Shanahan 3:30:23
27.Virgil Yehnert 3:32:13
28.Bruce LaBudde 3:32:52
29.Mike Bigelow 3:33:49
30.Don Lindaur 3:39:55
31.David Whalen 3:43:31
32.John Gray 3:45:29
33.Ron Hughes 3:47:41
34.John Mautner 3:48:20
35.Jim Christianson 3:56:21
36.Len Holmes 3:57:34
37.Alton Chamberlin 3:59:31
38.Gary Muhrcke 3:59:47

1967 Marathon
Pictured: Stu Adams Boston Athletic Association trailing. Gary Muhrcke #111, Ted Corbit #113
  1967 Holyoke Marathon Flyer

Here's an audio conference call with participants from this historic race.


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