Holyoke Marathon Stories - 1968 - Another Scorcher

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From RRCA;s Archive - The Long Distance Log - June 1968:
A brief recap for now... a full transcribe from the RRCA archive when time allows...

HOLYOKE, MA JUNE 9TH: Jim McDonugh, Millrose AA's 40-year-old distance star, captured the sixth & final Olympic High Altitude Training trial in 96-degree scorching heat over Holyoke's rugged, mountain course. There were over 150 entries received by race director Walter Childs, but only 57 were willing to challenge nature's torrid conditions.

The race actually started at 2:42 p.m. with the temp. reading 96 degrees in the shade. It must have been close to 100 degrees in the sun.

Official Results  37 official finishers under the four hour time limit
(as transcribed by R Landry from RRCA archive - in some cases name and teams are a best guess from the document scan)

1. Jim McDonugh Millrose AA, Bronx, N.Y. 2:46:51
2. Bob Scharf Washington Sport Club, Chevy Chase, Md. 2:48:54
3. Ed Walkewitz Mt. Park AA, South Hadley, MA 2:55:10
4. Jim Green Boston AA, Lynn, MA 2:57:00
5. Bill Gordon St. Anth. BC, So. Ozone Park, L.I. 2:58:51
6. Leo Duart una., Martha's Vineyard, MA 2:59:16
7. Larry Berman Met. AC, Cambridge, MA 3:00:33
8. Roland Cormier MMC 3:02:04
9. Ron Gaff MMC 3:02:18
10. Ted Corbitt NYAC 3:02:54
11. Ray Hall CCAA 3:03:18
12. Jim Dailey MMC 3:07:21
13. John J. Kelley BAA 3:07:10


Open Team Results:
1. Boston AA. "A", 15
2. MMC "A", 18
3. Millrose AA, 20
4. MMC "B", 32
5. BAA "B", 35


more to come...


Jim McDonagh wins the 1968 Marathon

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