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Snowstorm Classic #11 - 10K
February 09th, 2013
Steve O'Neil and Carolyn Dekker show perservance like no other.
The race must go on!!!

Apparently two feet of snow wasn't enough to deter Steve or Carolyn.  From what I understand our venerable Steve O'Neil has missed very very few Snowstorm Classics in its illustrious 33 years.  According to Art Roberts, Steve has amassed 294 Snowstorm races over the years.  Getting to the race was simply, and sensibly, not possible for most everyone. 

Living within close proximity to Forest Park made it possible for Steve and Carolyn to reach the start line intact. The task of getting to the finish, however, was in itself a labor of Herculean proportions as roughly half the course was underneath 2-3 feet of unbroken snow.

Race Director Art Roberts, Harrier President-for-life Pete Stasz, as well as Jim Gurzenski and Ed Carroll were there to witness the event.

This story deserves much more of a write-up. Hopefully some time will free-up to properly document this historic day.

   - Photo courtesy of Jim Gurzenski
 Place    Name                    City              Age     Age Group        Time      Pace
    1    Carolyn Dekker                              29     1 F  0-99    1:21:27.0   13:08/M
    2    Steve O'Neil                                61     1 M  0-99    1:21:27.0   13:08/M