2018 Race Results
  Sep 16     Knights of Columbus Scholarship 5K  
  Apr 21     Pro Shred Green Days 5K  
  Apr 14     Wilbraham Friends of REC 5k XC  
2017 Race Results
  Oct 22     Lorraine's Soup Kitchen & Panty Harvest 5K  
  Oct 15     Margolis Miles for Music 5K  
  Oct 1     10th Annual BJ Williams 5K  
  Sep 24     Wilbraham Knights of Columbus Scholarship 5K  
  Sep 23     Friends of Wilbraham Rec 5K XC  
  Sep 9     Camp Stanica 5K  
  Jul 4     40th Annual Springfield Big Fourth 5K  
  Jun 17     Mike Balise Memorial 5k  

Jun 3     7th Annual Run for Rice's 5k  
  May 20     Tim Paige Memorial 5k  
  Feb 4     Winter Warmer 3 Mile Run  

2016 Race Results

  Oct 23     Margolis 5k  
  Oct 16     Lorraine's Soup 5k  
  Sep 26     CHD Run/Walk and Roll 5K  
  Sep 24     Crane Hill 5k  
  Sep 18     Knox Cannon 5k  
  Sep 17     9th Annual BJ Williams 5K  
  Sep 11     Peach Sundae 5k  
  Sep 10     Camp Stanica 5k  
  Jul 4     Big Fourth of July 5k  
  Jun 5     Out Run Hunger 5k  
  May 21     Tim Paige Memorial 5k  
  May 15     Longmeadow Lacrosse 5k  
  Apr 23     Proshred 5k  
  Apr 9     RAH 5k  

2015 Race Results

  Oct 31     FC Stars 5k  
  Oct 24     Carpe Diem Dash 5k  
  Sep 26     Spec Pond 5k  
  Sep 13     CHD Walk and Roll 5k  
  Sep 9     Camp Stanica XC 5k  
  Aug 30     Peach Sundae 5k  
  Aug 22     8th Annual BJ Williams 5k  
  Jul 4     Fourth of July 5k  
  Jun 27     Frank Orszulak II 5k  
  Jun 13     Terriers 5k  
  Jun 6     Longmeadow Boy's Lacrosse 5k  
  May 30     LaceEm Up for Lexi 5k  
  May 9     Angels Take Flight 5k  
  Apr 18     Pro-Shred Green Days 5k  
  Apr 11     RAH 5k  
  Feb 7     Winter Warmer 3 Mile  

2014 Race Results

  Nov 1     FC Stars of MA 5k  
  Oct 25     4th Annual Carpe Diem Dash 5k  
  Oct 5     Big Y Couch to 5k  
  Sep 27     Hospice Meadows 5k  
  Sep 27     Spec Pond 5k  
  Sep 13     Carl Walker 5k  
  Sep 7     Wilbraham Peach Sundae 5k  
Jun 21 Frank J. Orszulak II 5K Run/Walk for Cancer wggb.com
Jun 14 Honnor Conner http://www.honorconor.org/
  Jun 1     Outrun Hunger rachelstablespringfield.org
  May 31     Lace Em Up For Lexi 5k Run/Walk  http://www.lexi96.org
  May 17     Tim Paige 5k Run/Walk  
May 10 Pro Shred Green Days 5k Run/Walk
  Apr 6     Sheriffs shuffle 5k Run/Walk  
  Apr 12     Rise To The Occasion 5k Run/Walk  

2013 Race Results

  Nov 9     Longmeadow's Warriors 5k  
  Oct 19     NCYF 5K  
  Sep 29     Hampshire County Deputy Sheriffs 5k  
  Sep 28     Hospice 5k  
  Sep 28     Spec Pond 5k  
  Sep 21     Sean Allen 5k  
  Sep 14     BJ Williams 5k  
  Aug 18     Annual Peach Sundae 5k  
  July 4     Fourth of July 5k  
  Jun 29     Frank Orszulak II 5k  
  Jun 1     LaceEm Up for Lexi  
  May 19     Arbors Go Pink 5K Run/Walk   Northampton, MA  
  May 18     Tim Paige 5K Run/Walk   Longmeadow, MA  
  May 6     Walter Childs Marathon  

2012 Race Results

  Dec 09     Hanukkah 5 Mile  
  Nov 04     Sheriff's Shuffle 5k  
  Oct 20     NCYF 5k  
  Sep 22     Sean Allen 5k  
  Sep 16     Sheriffs Triad 5k  
  Aug 19     8th Annual Wilbraham Peach Sundae 5k  
  July 4     4th of July 5k, Springfield, MA  
  Jun 9     LaceEm Up for Lexi  
  May 19     Tim Paige 5K Run/Walk   Longmeadow, MA  
  May 6     Walter Childs Marathon, Holyoke, MA  
  Apr 14     Ultimate Party 5K,   Wilbraham, MA    
  Mar 4     USATF National 50k Road Championships, Caumsett Park, Long Island NY  
  Feb 26  29   Dion National Snowshoe Championships                    
  Feb 19     USATF New England Indoor Championship                    
  Feb 4     Greenfield Winter Carnival 4 Mile Sleigh Bell Run                    
  Jan 15     SMAC Indoor All-Comer's Meet                    
  Jan 1     Saw Mill River Run                    
  2011 Race Results
  Nov 24     Miles for Malawi                    
  Nov 24     Wilbraham Turkey Trot                    
  Nov 07     Toasted Owl 5k                    
  Nov 07     Toasted Owl Almost 3k                    
  Oct 16     Westhampton Hills 5k                    
  Oct 08     SVAH 5k                    
  Sep 10     4th Annual B.J. Williams 5k                    
  Aug 21     Peach Sundae                    
  July 04     Fourth of July 5k                    
  June 26     YNOTTRI it                    
  June 24     Frank J. Orszulak II                    
  June 19     Fathers Day 10K                    
  June 18     Raider Run 5K                    
  June 18     Raider Run Mile Fun Run                    
  June 11     Lace 'Em Up for Lexi 5k                    
  May 21     Tim Paige 5k                    
  May 01     Walter Childs Marathon                    
  Apr 30     Proshred Green Day 5k                    
  Apr 15     RAH Fun Run 5k                    
  Apr 09     JA Readiness 5k                    
2010 Race Results
  Nov 13     Frostbite 5k          
  Nov 7     Sheriff's Shuffle 5k          
  Nov 6     4th Annual Mary A. Callahan Memorial 5k          
  Oct 31     Halloween 5k          
  Oct 30     Hampden lions 5k          
  Oct 30     Boo Run5k          
  Oct   17   Westhampton Hills 5k          
  Sept   18  
1st Annual Atkinson 5K, "Run for a Legend" Runners
  Sept   10   Run for Tom Somber          
  Aug   22   PeachSundaeRoadRace            
  July   24   BJ Williams 5k and BJ Williams 10k   photos                
  July   4   Fourth of July 5k   photos                
  June   27   Y Not Try It                    
  June   26   Frank J Orszulak 5k Run/Walk for Cancer                    
  June   19   School's Done! Raiders Run 5k                    
  June   06   Lace 'Em Up For Lexi 5k Walk/Run                    
  May   23   Our Sister's 3 Mile Walk/Run                    
  May   22   Tim Paige Memorial
Long Meddowe Days 5k
  Apr   17   Pro Shred Green 5k                    
  Apr   10   5K for RAH Fun Run                    
  Mar   6   WAMDA Race                    
2009 Race Results
  Nov   14   Frostbite 5k                    
  Nov   8   Mary A Callahan Memorial 5k                    
  Nov   1   Sheriff's Shuffle 5k                    
  Oct   31   Hampden Lions Club Halloween 5k                    
  Aug   23   Wilbrahm Peach Festival                      
  Jul   19   Run for Wishes 5k                    
  Jul   4   4th of July 5k   Photos                
  Jun   28   "Y not Tri" Scantic Valley YMCA                    
  Jun   27   Frank J Orszulak II 5K Run/Walk Run for Cancer                    
  Jun   20   Father's Day 10k                    
  Jun   13   Lexi 5k                    
  May   16   Tim Paige Memorial 5k                    
  May   3   47th Annual Walter Childs Race of Champions Marathon                    
  Apr   26   Community Racing for Research 5                      
  Mar   7   Wamda 5K                    
2008 Race Results
  Nov   15   Frostbite 5K                    
  Nov   2   Sheriff"s Shuffle 5K                    
  Nov   1   Hampden Lions Halloween 5K                    
  Oct   19   Westhampton Hill 5K                    
  Oct   18   JV 5000 Run/Walk                    
  Sep   26   Mary Callahan 5K                    
  Aug   16   Peach Festival 5 Miler                    
  Aug   16   Thomas V. Brosnan 3.5 miler                    
  Aug   3   Hitchcock Academy 5K                    
  July   13   Cannonball Run 5K                    
  July   14   Frank J. Orszulak II 5K                    
  July   4   Fourth of July Race                    
  June   7   St Mary's 5K Race Photos                    
  May   31   BBK 5K                    
  May   17   Tim Paige 5K                    
  May   10   Chuck Lelas Memorial 10K                    
  April   27   5K Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research                    
  March   1   Wamda 5K                    
2007 Race Results
  Nov   10   Frostbite 5K                    
  Nov   4   Sheriff's Shuffle 5K                    
  Oct   27   Hampden Halloween 5K                    
  Oct   21   Westhampton Hills 5K                    
  Oct   13   Tom Brosnan Memorial                    
  Oct   6   Mary A. Callahan 5K                    
  Sep   22   Elms Blazers 5K                    
  Sep   1   Harrier Pride                    
  Aug   19   Peach festival 5M                    
  Aug   19  
4th Annual Hitchcock Academy 10K
  July   21   Frank Orszulak                    
  July   8   Cannonball Run                    
  July   4   Fourth of July 5K                    
  June   2   St Mary's 5K                    
  May   20   Run for Pride                    
  May   19   Tim Paige                    
  May   12   Chuck Lelas                    
  May   12   Girls Inc.                    
  May   6   Holyoke Marathon                    
  March   3   WAMDA 5k                    
2006 Race Results

Mar 4 WAMDA 5K
May 7 Holyoke Marathon
May 06 Kurtz/Dwyer Memorial 4M
May 13 Chuck Lelas Memorial
May 20 BB 5K
May 20 Tim Paige 5K
May 27 JAMBO Tanzania 5K
June 3 St. Mary's 5K
  July   4   Fourth of July 5K                    
  July 15 Frank Orszulak 5k Run/Walk for Cancer                    
  August 20   Peach Festival                    
  August 20 Thomas V. Brosnan                    
  Sept   2   Harrier-Pride                    
  Sept 23 Wolf Swamp 5K                    
  Oct   7   J.V. 5000                    
Oct   28   Hampden Lions Club Hallowen 5K
2005 Race Results
Mar 5 WAMDA 5K
April 30 Kurtz/Dwyer Memorial 4M
May 1 Holyoke Marathon  2004
May 14 Chuck Lelas Memorial
May 29 James Earley Memorial
Jun 4 St. Mary's 5K
Jul 4 Fourth of July 5K
Jul 4 Frank J Orszulak Memorial 5K
Aug 21 Peach Festival 5M
Sep 24 Wolf Swamp 5K
Oct 22 JV 5000
Nov 11 Hanukkah Road Race
2004 Race Results
Jan 1 Sawmill River 10K
May 1 Kurtz/Dwyer Memorial 4M
May 2 Holyoke Marathon
May 8 Chuck Lelas Memorial 10K
May 9 20th Annual Mothers Day Race
May 23 10th Annual Tim Paige 5K
May 29 Run Through Longmeadow
Jun 5 St Mary School Walk & 5K
Jun 6 Chazzy B'z 7th Annual
Jun 20 Father's Day 10K 
Jun 27 Sheriff's 5K
Jul 4 Big Fourth 5K
Oct 2 The J.V. 5000
2003 Race Results
Dec 21 Hanukkah Maccabi 5M
Dec 13 Jingle Bell Run/Walk 2.7M
Oct 04 Hampden Fall Festival 5K
Jul 25 Peach Festival 5K
Jul 4 Big Fourth 5K
Jun 23 Sheriff's 5K
Jun 15 Father's Day 10K 
Jun 1 Chazzy B'z 5 Mile Road Race
May 4 Holyoke Marathon
May 3 Kurtz/Dwyer Memorial 4 Miler
Mar 1 WAMDA Fitness 5K
2002 Race Results
Nov 10 Annual George Ryan 5K
Sep 21 Spectra 5K
Jun 8 Run Through Longmeadow 5K
May 19 Tim Page Memorial 5K
2001 Race Results
Dec 2 George Ryan Five Miler
Oct 21 Mito What? 5K Road Race
Sep 30 Northampton Five Miler
Jun 30 5K Run/Walk for Mikey
Jun 2 YMCA Worlds Largest Run
May 12 Melna Shriners 5 Mile Road Race
2000 Race Results
Nov 9 Sheriff's Shuffle 5K
May 21 Law Enforcement Run
1999 Race Results
Jan 1 The First Race